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 Runescape Andywitness News

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PostSubject: Runescape Andywitness News   Mon May 12, 2008 10:57 pm

Over the past year, we've been keeping a rather large secret. We have been working on a complete graphical rework of RuneScape, which is looking truly spectacular. There's no need to take our word for it: look at the images below and see for yourself.

As you know, we currently offer 'High Detail' and 'Low Detail' modes. We plan on adding a new and optional detail mode, bringing you accelerated higher quality graphics. This will be in addition to the existing detail modes, as they will remain unchanged.

As if the improvements below weren't enough, an optional fullscreen version of RuneScape is due at the same time. This will let you play at a resolution of your choice, and it also supports widescreen monitors. We think you'll agree, the future of RuneScape is looking very good indeed....

NOTE - When producing games and updates, we aim to make them accessible to the maximum number of people. These graphical improvements are no different. We are continuing to gather specs from your computers (please see the 'Send Us Your Specs' newspost if you have not already), and we can already say that the majority of you will be able to play RuneScape with these improvements!

Expect more to be revealed in a Development Diary, later this month.

Aw, it is over. the Simpsons will be after thia.
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Runescape Andywitness News
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