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 Mod Lorenzo

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Mod Lorenzo

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Registration date : 2010-10-29

PostSubject: Mod Lorenzo   Fri Oct 29, 2010 5:59 am

Hi everyone, Mod Lorenzo here.

I've just popped in on a few Fansites of ours and just checking up on you guys. I've made and account and was wondering if you've been active lately? I haven't seen very much 'action' but I'm sure I could get some things up-and-running for you.

I would also ask (if you don't mind) that you make me a Top-Priority Administrator just so I can keep and eye on this: here, there and everywhere. Very Happy

Happy Gaming. Surprised

Other Notes:
- Please don't ask for me on the RuneScape site as it would be counted as website advertising (and we would have to take action against your account) because this isn't an official FanSite. I love you

- And the 'others' don't know I'm here. Razz
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Mod Lorenzo
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